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VIP International Protection Safety training course offers a full spectrum of Safety and Life Challenging solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Our mission is to provide Insight, awareness, and training.  Our overall is to help you find ways to better prepare and be safe while handling your day to day operations.

Our main goal is that we do everything we can to make sure that we make it home each and every day.

Topics to be covered

  • Our team and Background
  • Changes in Professionals Work Environment
  • Stats from Bureau of Labor and Statistics
  • Why are Professionals being Targeted
  • Crime and Criminals
  • Anatomy of a Crime
  • Who is at Risk
  • Reducing your Risk
  • How you can be better prepared
  • What can My Protection Now do for me


  • Selecting an object of attention or attack


  • A feeling of quiet pleasure or security often while unaware of some danger, defect or the like.


  • The state of being prepared, readiness, possession of the adequate resources and potential.

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Membership Guide

Minimum 4 hrs – (Inquire about pricing)

Day rate – 8 hour day – (Inquire about pricing)

Outside a 60 mile radius (0.55 cents per mile will be added to either plan chosen).

We provide Executive Protection personnel to be at your scheduled locations. This is included in the membership package below.  Inquire about joining our membership program today!

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