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Protect the Perimeter of Your Estate

VIP International Protection’s effective Perimeter Security begins with a sit down interview with the client. The client’s goal is to enunciate their vision of how they would like the property to look.

Our mission is to customize all technical means and implement in such a manner as to achieve that vision, or at least as close as humanly possible. The client interview is important as we provide multiple options that are not readily apparent in terms of developing the appropriate security architecture while still maintaining the visual beauty of the property. The other key function of the interview is to discuss balance. As a collective we need to define the precise path between security and convenience. Other vital discussion points are scale and expansion. What works for a quiet family may need to be ramped up or thinned out predicated upon a future needs analysis. Attention to detail in the beginning eliminates expensive modifications in the future.

VIP International Protection Estate Threat Assessment is a detailed security audit designed to identify and remedy security based issues centered on the home(s) of the client. Unlike a Workplace Assessment, VIP understands that home is where the client goes to relax and enjoy life with family members. To that end, most have little desire to live “inside the bowl” surrounded by roving patrols, barbed wire fences, etc.

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