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Gerard Falcone – President/CEO

Mr. Falcone started out as a law enforcement officer serving twenty-five (25) years of service. During his twenty-five (25) years of service, he attended several training schools such as North Western University, Penn State continuing education and several other training facilities to enhance his career.

As a patrol officer, Mr. Falcone was the Departments first Field training officer and implemented the field training program for the department. Gerard served as shift commander in the Sergeants absence on several occasions. During his time as a patrol officer, Mr. Falcone was one of four (4) officers to be selected for deployment to New York City on the tragic day of September 11, 2001. Mr. Falcone was assigned to the search and rescue team, then to an armed security team along with the NYPD to secure the perimeters of the lost towers. Gerard was not only selected to go but was willing to volunteer several days to assist with those in need. Mr. Falcone received several awards and commendations for his leadership and commitment.

After being promoted to Sergeant in 2002, he was able to bring the “Team” environment to the Department. Mr. Falcone believed in leading by example. With these qualities, he was promoted to Lieutenant in 2006.

As a Lieutenant Mr. Falcone was a certified fatal accident investigator who ran the day to day operations, overseeing the traffic safety Division, Community Policing, Drug Enforcement Division and Internal affairs division.

Mr. Falcone worked closely with the chief of Police where they effectively initiated the police department with new Policies and Procedures (SOP’s), Uniform change, patrol vehicle change, patrol car computer system, dispatch radio communication changes. Mr. Falcone also implemented and introduced the live scan fingerprinting system to his Department. In December 2010, Gerard retired from the Department in good standing.

Mr. Falcone continued his many years of interest in Executive Protection/Security and received his certificate and certification. Mr. Falcone has worked various Executive Protection details for fortune 30 corporations and high net worth clients.

Mr. Falcone now serves as the President/CEO of VIP International Protection LLC, located in Longwood, Florida.


Carlos Bonilla – Executive President

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, since he was a little kid, Carlos Bonilla had been exposed to different kinds of environments where transactions were constantly made.  This gave him a real knowledge and understanding of the nature of transactions and its effects on people.  That is why he is always focused in results where the client(s) feels well treated and compensated.

At the age of 24 he owned 3 different businesses while he was studying at the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico.  He also studied Criminology and Private Investigations at The Antilles Detective Academy.  He was an outstanding student and the president of his class.

On April 1990, Mr. Bonilla stablished his first security and investigations agency (SB Security, Inc.). The referred agency became one of the best recognized security agencies in Puerto Rico, with more than 250 employees.  After 6 years, he sold it. Two years later he stablished two other security agencies: State Troopers, Inc. and Black Knights Security, Inc.

Years later Mr. Bonilla transferred Black Knights Security, Inc. to Sonia Fuentes, his ex-wife and mother of his 2 children. The same company is still in operations, with a different name: One Corps, Security Solutions, Inc. This Company employs over 1,000 employees. Carlos Bonilla has been a consultant of the Company.

At the present, Mr. Bonilla, is the owner of several successful companies in the state of Florida.

Mr. Bonilla, besides his over 25 years of experience in the security industry; as a business owner and entrepreneur, brings to the company the knowledge and leadership necessary to provide the best service to his clients.

Carlos Bonilla is fully bilingual so has is the ability to communicate effectively with clients and have a better understanding of their needs.

Mr. Bonilla is the Executive President of VIP International Protection, LLC.


Al Eladly – Security Consultant

Alaaeldin Eladly has over 25 years of dedicated experience in military operations and field projects.

From November 2016 to November 2017 he collaborated with the Veterans Administration to secure the VA facilities during the hurricanes (Irma, María)).

From December 2015 to August 2016, he coordinated all security aspects between Siemens Company and Orascom constructions in the Mega Project of New Cairo Power Plant in Cairo, Egipt.

From October 2014 to October 2015 he acted as a Security Operations Manager at Sol Dahab Red Sea (by Melia).

From April 2009 to July 2014 He was a Personnel Office in the Egiptian Army as a Lt. Col-Colonel, leding an office of 45 officers managing 1,500 subordinate enlisted.

Mr. Eladly was a Military Observer (Wau, S. Sudan) at the United Nations as a Major-Lt. Col from March 2008 to April 2009. He acted as an Operation Manager of 1 of 6 United Nations Sectors of the Country of Sudan.

From January 2004 to February 2008 he was a Major in the Egiptian Army and acted as a Commander of Security Sector.

Training Highlights, Egiptian Army, Artillery Institute/United Nations/USA

*Platoon commander*Company commander*Battalion Commander*Firefighting*Advance land surveying*Astrology course*Modern learning method course*Paratrooper course*Advance instructor commandos’*UN-security in the field*Air liaison officer*Lean Six Sigma White Belt*, *VA security training (VA Hospital PR, USA),*CBR and First Aid certified FL, USA*Florida Class D license WDW, PCO training from WDW, Crisis Management, FEMA Training.

Alaaeldin Eladly is a Security Consultant of VIP International Protection, LLC.


Jeffrey Stevens – Director of Investigations

Mr. Stevens started his career of public service by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 1981. After his enlistment, Mr. Stevens became a state trooper with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Mr. Stevens was then assigned to the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement team (ACE). Due to his successful interdiction efforts, Mr. Stevens was twice selected as the Trooper of the Year for his division.

Mr. Stevens was recognized by the Governor for the seizure of 410 kilos of cocaine, as a result of a traffic stop. This seizure is still the largest drug seizure from a motor vehicle in SC. Mr. Stevens continued his service and was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, where he received a commendation for his investigative service. As a reward for his service with the task force, Mr. Stevens was selected to attend the US Army’s Counterdrug, Narcoterrorism and Personal Protection course. With this specific training, Mr. Stevens assisted the US Secret Service during four presidential campaigns, as well as various protective assignments with the US Marshall’s service.

After retiring from the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Mr. Stevens enlisted in the South Carolina Air National Guard as a Security Forces specialist. Mr. Stevens attended the Security Forces advanced course, and despite being twice the age of other airmen, graduated as the Distinguished Graduate. Shortly after graduating, Mr. Stevens was deployed with the US Air Force in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Mr. Stevens was assigned to the VIPER unit.  Mr. Stevens was assigned as the leader and received the USAF NCO of the quarter for his excellence of operation. Mr. Stevens also served security, travelling with US aircraft involved in combat missions, providing protection whenever those aircraft were in foreign territories.

Mr. Stevens served extensively throughout Europe, Southwest Asia and Africa. Mr. Stevens continued service with the military as an investigator conducting sensitive and confidential investigations over a period of six years.  Mr. Stevens was assigned to the protection details of two, four star Generals, and numerous Colonels.

Mr. Stevens received the AF commendation medal for his efforts in investigations, and the development of the protection program for wing level officers. Mr. Stevens was honorably discharged due to injuries that were received while deployed. Mr. Stevens then attended Clemson University and Anderson University. Mr. Stevens graduated with honors, with his degree in Criminal Justice from Anderson University.

After 30 years of law enforcement and military service, Mr. Stevens entered the private sector as an advisor and investigator. Mr. Stevens advised, and assisted, attorney’s and other investigators with information concerning sensitive investigations. Mr. Stevens was involved in numerous retail undercover investigations, missing persons, domestic/divorce issues and motor vehicle collision investigations.  Mr. Stevens performed executive protection and protection for individuals involved in domestic violence and potential workplace violence situations.

Mr. Stevens now serves as a Private Investigator for VIP International Protection LLC, located in Longwood, Florida.