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Offering a Comprehensive Range of Security Consulting

VIP International Protection security experts are here to help you navigate this complex situation. Complementing our security services, VIP International Protection offers a comprehensive range of security consulting services to organizations looking to:

(1) Conduct an assessment of their risk.

(2) Put in place deterrents and barriers to protect them from attacks on their assets

(3) Adopt procedures and processes designed to minimize losses in the event of a physical or cyber threat, or event.

Our professionals come from law enforcement, the military, academic institutions, and the technology field, with experience working in a variety of industries. upon the skills of our executive team and our partners, we are able to address almost any security concern and/or threat to your team, property, business continuity, proprietary information, intellectual properties, and customer data. Thus, your interests will be protected and prepared to continue, regardless of the event. We’ll save you time and resources in the process. As security experts, we know the right questions to ask of vendors with respect to their products, their capabilities, and limitations, and an accurate assessment of the cost to implement security initiatives.

Get a quote today and learn more about how our custom programs can provide security coverage for all aspects.